Living by our values

The values we live by date back to our founding fathers and have never stopped guiding us. They represent the core of the principles we apply every day, with our people, our clients and wider society. They have been the key to our development for more than 70 years and we are convinced that they will continue to be the foundation for our sustainable growth in the years and decades to come. Beyond words, our values reflect our determination to go above mere compliance with laws and regulations. They are the pillars of the ethical firm we aspire to be.

Delivering excellent services is a must, but it would not mean much without the moral rigour we owe to ourselves and to our clients. Integrity is the cornerstone of our relationships within our organisation, and with our clients and stakeholders. To gain and nurture trust, we must always be honest and straightforward.

Sustainable firms are the ones that are accountable. We believe in responsibility, for our personal and professional conduct. We care about how our work may affect our communities and we seek to make a difference.

Diversity & Respect
Our clients count on our talent and expertise. Our strength lies in our people. Respect for every individual and their unique contribution is part of who we are. We value differences and diversity, knowing that new perspectives make our organisation fairer and stronger.

Technical excellence
In all our projects and assignments, providing the best possible service to our clients is our number one priority. Hence, we constantly pursue the highest level of technical excellence and quality in everything we do. Through innovation and talent development, we aim to meet all of our stakeholders’ expectations.

Independence has always been Mazars’ raison d’être and state of mind. Whether we work as auditors or advisors, acting independently is essential.

Since our creation, three generations of leaders have successfully handed over to new ones, passing on knowledge and experience and paving the way for a better future. Continuity and stewardship are key ingredients of our long-term development and that of our clients.

From values to behaviours: our global code of conduct

Our global code of conduct is a practical guide to help all our people, regardless of age, position or country, to navigate difficult choices and make the right decisions, in line with our values.

It clearly states who we are, what we expect from our people and how we deal with our clients, stakeholders and communities at large. In an intricate and fast-evolving environment, we use it as a moral compass for our daily activities, drawing the line between what is recommended or acceptable and what would put our reputation and other people’s trust at risk. We handle any breaches seriously and take appropriate action to uphold this code whenever necessary. By doing so, we will be  a trusted firm, working for the collective interest, committed to our clients, our people and wider society.

Act with integrity
Mazars’ success is based on our relationship of trust with our clients and stakeholders. To keep and cultivate this trust, we must always be honest and straightforward.

Be accountable
We take responsibility for our personal and professional conduct. We care about our impact on the communities where we work and seek to make a positive difference. 

Respect people
Our organisation’s strength lies in the people who work with us. We treat everyone with respect, so they feel valued for their diversity, unique perspective and contribution.

Deliver outstanding quality
We aim to always deliver outstanding work. We innovate and develop our people to meet our clients’ and stakeholders’ evolving needs.

Think independently
We are trusted advisors. Our advice is objective and unbiased. We value our independence. We steer clear of any relationship that could distract us from acting to the highest professional standards.

Shape the future
Mazars is a sustainable business. We build long-term relationships, encourage entrepreneurship and plan for succession.